I Have Bed Bugs… What Do I Do Now?

So your saying to yourself, “I have bed bugs” now what? Should I get an exterminator or should I use some sort of bed bug spray?

Here is what this site is going to do for you right now.

In a few moments, you are going to save hundreds dollars and hours of researching what you MUST do to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

Now you have two types of options.

  • Hire a professional
  • Do it yourself

Hiring a bed bug exterminator can be costly for most folks. What we have received from our readers is that some pest professionals will not offer a guarantee. And at times… they would come back and charge more to do another round of extermination.

All while you have to:

  • Evacuate your home
  • Throw away valuables
  • Have poisonous pesticides in your home
  • And pay ALOT of money

When you can simply use the solution bed bug exterminators (the big guys) were using.

You see… their was a pesticide exempt solution that kills bed bugs and prevents them from coming back. This solution was only released to bed bug exterminators under a private contract. These companies were banking in $1,000’s using this product and still are today.

After careful review and research… I finally found out that this company has released their unique bed bug spray to the public. And better yet, they are offering folks a complimentary sample for the celebration of the launch.

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The pesticide exempt spray is called bed bug bully. It is probably the best kept secret in the pest professionals industry. Our readers have loved the product and continually show gratitude for us referring it to them. Check out the video below of one of their customers…

I Have Bed Bugs…


Nuff said… if you have a bed bug problem. Definitely check out Bed Bug Bully and grab your complimentary sample.

Grab Your Complimentary Sample